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Prabhu Dhan Degree College is considered to be the fulfillment of Late Shri. P.D. Agarwal Ji’s vision (founder of TCI Bhoruka Group and Bhoruka Charitable Trust) that aims to address the higher education needs of rural youths from his native place - Bhorugram.

Education is the light which not only illuminates the body and soul of a human being but also the entire society and nation at large. Inspired by this idea the Trust established Bhoruram Jiram Das Public School (BRJD Public School) in 1976 at Bhorugram. Looking into the needs of higher education, Prabhu Dhan Degree College (PDDC) was inaugurated on 24th July 2012. Presently the college is a renowned multi faculty, co-education, bilingual institution nurturing value added education.

To keep the students abreast with latest developments in their opted subjects, effective career counseling sessions through PDDC’s career guidance cell, additional coaching facilities for various competitions and remedial classes for the students from economically weaker sections of the society are also taken care of at PDDC. Additionally, experts from various renowned universities are also invited to deliver lectures on different subjects as well as on various relevant issues and to share their knowledge and experience with the enrolled students.

There also exists a fully functional ‘Women Grievance Redressal Cell’ that promptly helps the female students of PDDC, whenever required. On health front, enrolled students are medically examined from time to time by the health team of Chogmal Bhoruka Hospital, Bhorugram.

Unique Features
A co - educational college with potential of excellence.
A well connected Wi-Fi and internet facility.
A campus located in a sprawling 27 acres of land with peaceful and calm atmosphere congenial for studies.
A green building with eco-friendly atmosphere, having spacious and well ventilated class- rooms.
Skill development programs.
Transport facility.
Library with Book Bank and Open Shelf System.
UGC qualified and highly experienced faculty members.

Prabhu Dhan Degree College encourages a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. Out of regularly organized parent teacher meetings at PDDC, parents are expected to attend at least three meetings during an academic session.

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info@prabhudhandegreecollege.org admission@prabhudhandegreecollege.org
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