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    College Library and Reading Room both are situated at the entrance of VEDA building. Along with the text books and books of general interest, our library also subscribes magazines, news papers and journals in Hindi & English. 'Open shelves' system is prevalent in the library. Students just have to show their Identity Cards to the librarian and can read the book of their interest inside the reading room.


    1. Maximum two books at a time are issued for a period of 14 days.
    2. A fine of Rs.10 per volume per day is charged for the books returned after the due date.
    3. Reference books, journals and magazines are not issued.


    Optional "Book Bank" facility is available in the library. In this scheme any student can take a set of text books of his/ her class in either medium (English & Hindi) for a period of three years. For this purpose she/he has to be a member of book bank by depositing the non-refundable membership fees of Rs. 1000/-


    Prabhu Dhan Degree College has well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for the practical implications of learning.


    The College not only focuses on academic development but also on the physical and psychological development of students. Variety of indoor & outdoor games available under the supervision of expert coaches.


    Prabhu Dhan Degree College has well equipped spoken English lab provided with both audio and visual equipments, to enhance the communication skills of students. The objectives of this lab are:-
  • To think and speak English.
  • To improve phonetics and communication skills.
  • To develop confidence for enhancing simple conversation.


    Objective of virtual labs in various disciplines in science is to provide Complete Learning Management System. Various tools for learning includes Web Resources, Audio-Video Lectures, Animated Demonstrations and Self Evaluation. Thus, Prabhu Dhan Degree College provides a platform to its students to perform their talents on a national and international levels.


    Two term tests are mandatory in M.G.S. University, Bikaner for all classes of each faculty. If a student remains absent in these tests for unobvious reasons, he/she will be penalized for the same.


    Girl's Hostel: - Besides accommodating meritorious students, admission will be granted on first come first served basis. Admission in hostels will be granted after admission in the College.
    Private boys hostels are available in the nearby area of college at very nominal charges.


    Skill development programme is a first - of - its kind in the region to facilitate the development and upgrading of the skills of the students of Prabhu Dhan Degree College. Our primary goal is to grow a work force of youth to support the developing economy of India. This year emphasis will be laid on Transportation/Logistics; Low cost electronic instruments maintenance & repair and education skill development by practical methods.


    Students of PDDC are expected to observe the following conduct:-
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. A student found guilty of this crime may be severely punished by the Principal.
  • Silence should be maintained in the class rooms, the library, and the corridor of the college to provide calm atmosphere congenial to students.
  • Use of Mobile Phones in the College Campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Dress code should be maintained.
  • Identity Cards to be shown/ produced by students whenever asked by college authorities.
  • Written permission (by Principal) is required by students going outside during College hours.
  • Observe discipline and decorum in and out- side the class room, and at functions.
  • Keep the environment neat & clean by making use of dustbins.
  • Students should understand that nobody should disfigure or deface walls of college by any marks.
  • Damaging to college property will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
  • Utilize free vacant periods in reading books, magazines and news papers available in library.
  • Quarrels and disputes should be avoided. No one will be allowed to take the law in his /her hands.
  • 75% attendance is must for appearing in University Examination.
  • Exhibit fine manners and excellent behavior, use decent language, be courteous & polite in dealing with fellow scholars and college staff.

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